Things to consider: search vs research

Posted with permission of MacMaster University libraries.

The web contains an enormous amount of information. Not all of it is reliable. You have to look at your results in a very critical manner to be sure that the website is providing you with quality information that comes from knowledgeable people. Ask yourself: who put up the information, why is it there, can you verify the information from another source, and when was it put up?

Before you start to search, take the time to read over the 6 Criteria for Websites put together by the Dalhousie University Libraries.
The pertinence of a website depends on your specific needs and how you want to use it. Use the CRAAP Test (or watch video below).

Posted with permission of the McMaster University Libraries

Why use websites?

They can be a good source of information that’s difficult to find elsewhere.
They can provide the latest information (breaking news).
They can be a good source of quick facts, government information, and statistics.

Remember to identify the keywords of your research topic before you begin. For better results use the advanced search page of a search engine.

Google advanced search
Yahoo advanced search
Ecosia, the alternative browser that plants trees.
DuckDuckGo, the search engine that doesn’t track you.